Fabulous Fabergé - Jeweller to the Czars

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The Montreal Museum of Fine Art's "Fabulous Fabergé - Jeweller to the Czars" exhibit starts Saturday June 14th and lasts until October 5th (2014).  C-Squared Inc. is proud to supply from its Fabergé Jewelry Box exclusive pendants for the duration of the exhibit. This is an incredible occasion to admire 4 of Karl Fabergé's masterpieces and to learn more about him and his work. 

We hope you will enjoy the exhibit and will leave with an exquisite piece of our jewelry as a memory, a gift or maybe just a well-deserved treat.

And if you aren't able to make it to the Museum, you can always order directly from our website.

photo credit: MBAM

Faberge Jewelry Box Imperial Egg Pendant Design


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