Top 5 Bracelet DIY Ideas on Pinterest

FJB Team

Have you ever been out bracelet shopping but couldn't find what you were looking for?  Everything you saw was either "too plain", too expensive or maybe the jewelry you saw looked too much like your grandma's bracelets?  You can fix that problem by doing it yourself.  Check out the great bracelet ideas below.  Once you pick your favorite, make a quick trip to your local arts & crafts store for materials and then follow the instructions.  Voilà!  Enjoy!
  1. Simple but chic shoelace bracelet

source: Pinterest


  1. Easy braided bracelet

source: Pinterest


  1. Stunning woven beaded necklace (make it shorter and it's a bracelet)

source: Pinterest


  1. Gorgeous woven bracelet

source: Pinterest


  1. Elegant beaded bracelet

source: Pinterest


We Hope you'll find the inspiration you need to create the perfect jewelry you want!

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